Does CBD Gum Work?

How does CBD Gum Work?

CBD gum works because the gum is infused with CBD oil which then infuses the saliva as you chew the gum. This saliva then reaches your bloodstream to perform the desired effects. It can either reach your bloodstream through digestion of the saliva or by the saliva reaching the bloodstream through the thin layers of skin in your mouth.

What Can CBD Gum Do?

CBD gum can achieve the same broad benefits that CBD oil does. This includes providing relief to chronic pain, aiding a better sleeping pattern, reducing anxiety and even making our mouth happier and healthier. There are also a few more benefits of CBD that are less certain, such as the treatment of other mental health issues or mind-related matters.

How effective is CBD Gum?

  • Numerous studies have found that CBD is highly effective in reducing anxiety symptoms, so much so that it has since been considered as a serious treatment for individuals diagnosed with multiple mental and anxiety disorders.
  • There is plenty of research suggesting that CBD oil eases pain such as arthritis. This is because, as seen in numerous studies, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties decreased joint inflammation and was able to form a protective layer over the nerves.
  • Likewise, numerous reports have found that CBD is effective in relieving chronic pain from fibromyalgia for example, as well as multiple sclerosis and cancer. The full extent to this benefit is yet to be seen, though.
  • CBD gum is praised for being very effective in the maintenance of oral health since not only is it scientifically proven to destroy bacteria and fight decay, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties which is effective for gum disease and sensitive teeth.

Does CBD Gum Work In All Ages?

Whilst CBD gum is largely deemed to be successful and safe, many experts have heavily advised not to use the CBD gum for children or those below the age of 16/18. This is mostly because there have been a lack of studies on participants of this age and it is unclear how CBD oil or gum might affect them personally. Therefore, whilst it does work on a whole, its efficacy and safety has not been thoroughly tested across all age groups, particularly not on young children.

Things To Remember

With that in mind, it is important to remember that only CBD gum that is purchased from a reputable and trustworthy retailer will boast these benefits. In fact, it is possible that any CBD gum bought from an illegitimate seller may either be fake or worse, dangerous. To ensure you only purchase legitimate CBD gum, be sure to do your research on the brands, ask for licenses and permits and check reviews before purchasing online.

It is also important to consider that the effectiveness of CBD gum depends on how much CBD is actually contained, since products with very minimal and low amounts may not have any real effects when consumed.

There are also some somewhat undesirable side effects of CBD gum, such as a dry mouth, gastrointestinal issues, low appetite and fatigue. Although not everyone who uses CBD gum will experience these side effects, it is worth considering whether they are worthwhile.