Common Questions About CBD Gum

Since CBD is a new and novel concept, there are plenty of questions surfacing around the product, with lots of people wanting to understand what it is, how it works and where they can get it. For those of you seeking an informative guide on CBD gum, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the product!

What Is CBD Gum?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the many elements of cannabis that has been modified to have very low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol and found to have various health benefits.This CDB has since been infused into many products, including edibles and gums for easy consumption. The appearance of CBD gum is not too dissimilar to that of ordinary gum.

Even though cannabis is classed as an illegal substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act in 1971, CBD gum is legal to buy and use in the UK according to EU and UK legislation, this is because the controlled and regulated substance, THC, is not present in CBD gum. However, there are some rules on who can legally sell it.

How does CBD gum work?

CBD gum works by infusing your saliva with CBD as you chew it, which is then released into your bloodstream either via the digestion of the saliva or via the very thin layer of skin beneath your tongue.

Will CBD gum make me feel high?

It is important to note that CBD gum will not make you feel high since THC, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana is heavily regulated and controlled within the UK, so any legally sold CBD gum will not contain it and therefore will have no psychoactive effects on you. That is how it is different from it’s illegal counterparts and has been deemed non-addictive.

Are there any advantages of CBD gum?

There are a few compelling advantages of CBD gum, most of them being health related:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Better oral health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Potentially useful in mental health

Are there any disadvantages of CBD gum?

There are a few disadvantages of CBD gum, but none of them are very serious. The side effects of CBD gum in particular are similar to those of other medications such as gastrointestinal problems, tiredness and fatigue.

Where can I get CBD gum from?

CBD gum is relatively easy to get hold of, with plenty of brands on the market. You can either purchase it online or in store, and they can commonly be found in health and supplement stores on the high street.

Is CBD Gum safe to use?

Thus far there is little evidence to suggest that there are any serious risks attached to the use of CBD gum. Although long term effects are yet to be comprehensively studied, CBD gum is completely safe to use as it stands.